Lemon Grass


Maintenance Level
Outdoor-Sunny or Indoor
All Weather
Plant Height
6" to 15"

 Water Frequency


Alternate Day


Alternate Day

  Fertilizer Frequency


3-4 Month


1-2 Month
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Lemongrass is a thick, tropical and long grass that is native to India and an important ingredient in the Asian cuisine. Its thin, grass-like, grey-green leaves grow up to 6 feet in the tropics, and about 3 feet in more northerly climates.

Soil Need

Loamy Soil

Fertilizer (type)

All Purpose Fertilizer

Growth Pattern



Every Month


Every 3-4 Month

Process :
  1. If your plants do not have roots, trim off the top couple of inches of leaves and remove any outer leaves that have expired.
  2. Place the bulb in a glass of water, in a sunny place, for a couple of days to allow roots to form.
  3. When roots have grown 1-2 inches, you can plant the bulbs into your garden.
  4. It is best to plant lemongrass in the spring after the last frost and the ground has started to warm.
  5. Place the bulb into the soil only up to the widest part of the bulb.
  6. Pat the soil to firm it around the bulb.
  7. Water thoroughly after planting.
  8. Fertilization is usually not necessary, but if you choose to fertilize, use an organic fertilizer since you will be eating the plant.
  9. Continue to water regularly. Ideally, the soil should be kept moist but not wet.
  10. Remove any weeds in the area.

  1. Helps digestion
  2. Reduces arthritis pain
  3. Heals cold and flu
  4. Cleanses and Detoxifies
  5. Controls cholesterol levels
  6. Fights cancer


  1. Provide a steady supply of moisture for best growth
  2. Don't let lemongrass roots dry out.
  3. Allot a large enough space for your lemongrass that it won't crowd out the other plants.


  1. Do not allow the water to pool in the soil.

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