Refund Policy

Dear Patron/Customers

We at Green D├ęcor ensure that you get what you have ordered with us and in the committed delivery time. We also have a transparent customer service policy which put our shoppers at the center of our business operations. Perhaps, that is why we have been able to serve you continuously since 2017 and have received overwhelming response till date. With a healthy customer retention and satisfaction ratio, we have been able to serve thousands of clients both end consumers as well as corporate and SME clients.


Every order placed by you is handpicked by our expert team and inspected through a plant health checklist to ensure the quality of the product at the time of delivery.

Also our team before delivering the product to you, sends a real/actual image of the plant on your watsapp number for your ready approval for delivery, so that you are aware of what is coming to you. Only after your approval and go ahead for the delivery, that our team dispatches the product at your doorstep within hours.

Cancellation Policy

1. In case you wish to cancel your order before the delivery of product has taken place, you may do so by sending us an e-mail at, and no questions will be asked.

2. In case you have received the order and you do not find it as per your expectation, even after getting the real time image of the plant on your watsapp and you have approved the same, you may request for exchange of the product at the time of delivery and our team will take the product back and will initiate an exchange of plants within a suitable time period depending on the availability of the product.

3. Please ensure you inform our customer service within 24 hrs of the receipt of the plants for exchange/return in case you were not present at the time of delivery.

4. Please be advised on the upkeep and maintenance of the plants as they are a natural species and require delicate supervision.

Refund Policy

You would be happy to know that we have a very low dissatisfaction rate by customers which has led to a minimal refund orders. As our plants are thoroughly checked before dispatch and extra care is taken by our team during transit. In case a genuine refund is requested by the customer, it is initiated after a mail is received at or a watsapp is sent to us requesting the refund from the same e mail id or number through which the order was booked. We will take two business days to refund your amount. The product will have to be given back in case of the return/refund. Pls contact our customer care number 9953572573 for further queries and trust, we will be happy to assist you.