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As the name suggests air purifiers are the ones which cleanse the air in the immediate surrounding and uplifts the air quality by making it truly breathable. The most famous air purifiers are English ivy, areca palm, spider plant, money plant and peace lily. These plants eliminate harmful gases in the air released by various electronic gadgets at home and negate gases like xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde etc by absorbing them and exhaling purified air. These plants are easy to maintain and are a must keep for their specialized function of air purification. Research has proved that around 38% oxygen level goes up by keeping such plants at home or office.



We spend more than 90% time in our home. So we are continuously exposed to chemical pollutants. For this, NASA had done many types of research and found few of the best plants that can do air purifying more effectively at affordable cost.


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Long Life

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