Elephant Bush Jade Plant


Maintenance Level
Outdoor-Shades or Indoor
Plant Height
8" to 40"

 Water Frequency




Twice Week

  Fertilizer Frequency


4-5 Month


2-3 Month
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Elephant bush, is a perennial succulent shrub from South Africa that is a popular succulent garden plant around the world. It is easily grown as a seasonal accent plant or low maintenance houseplant in our part of the world. This is a soft-wooded, semi-evergreen upright multi-stemmed shrub or small tree. The fleshy, flattened, ½-¾ inch long nearly sessile (without a distinct petiole) leaves are round to oval in shape. The glossy emerald green, opposite leaves are borne on brittle, fleshy reddish-brown stems and tapering branches that mature to a grayish color.

Soil Need

Potting Soil Mix

Fertilizer (type)

Liquid Fertilizer

Growth Pattern



3-4 Month


Every 17-18 Month

Process :


1. Plant your portulacaria in a small pot that leaves no more than 1 to 2 inches between the root ball and the edge of the container.
2. Use potting soil mix. Portulacaria prefer dry conditions.
3. Choose a bright, sunny location with strong but indirect light.
4. Water sparingly -- as little as once per month. Saturate the soil with water, then wait a few minutes for the soil to drain.
5. Fertilize with liquid houseplant mix once per year in early spring, just before the heavy growing season begins.
6. Move to a larger pot when the plant grows all the way to the edges of its current home and the roots start to grow out of the pot's drainage holes.

1. An Excellent Home Decor
2. Clean the Air by Emitting High oxygen Content



1. It's best to allow the soil to become dry between each watering which will depend on the time of year, how much humidity and amount of sunlight it s getting.
2. Feed each week or two (maybe less) with a weak or diluted liquid fertilizer.


1. Allowing too much water to sit at the bottom of the pot with the roots will cause them to rot.
2. Don’t add urea to the fertilizer

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