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Herbs are a rich source of antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. As a matter of fact herbs like oregano, tulsi, rosemary, parsley are among the most nutritious herbal ingredients you can find. Did you know raw parsley gives you 3 times as much vitamin A, 5 times as much iron, 17 times as much vitamin K and 44 times as much vitamin C compared with the same amount of Lettuce. As a matter of fact herbs also act as antioxidants for a human body like fresh oregano is 8 times more capacitated to detoxify than spinach. This category aims to enrich you with similar facts and let you choose the right product for you.



An herb garden is a wonderful way to enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of a wide variety of plants. Fresh herbs are often easy to cultivate and can grow anywhere in a very small space.


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