Mogra - Jasminum Sambac


Maintenance Level
Autumn Spring Summer
Plant Height
6" to 36"

 Water Frequency


Alternate Day



  Fertilizer Frequency


Every Month


Every Month
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The fragrance is heavenly especially in the evenings as the flowers open after sun set and in the hot summers the plant is in its full beauty. Its oil is very effective in calming and relaxing. mogra is an evergreen vine or shrub reaching up to 0.5 to 3 m (1.6 to 9.8 ft) tall The leaves are ovate, 4 to 12.5 cm (1.6 to 4.9 in) long and 2 to 7.5 cm (0.79 to 2.95 in) wide. The flowers open at night (usually around 6 to 8 in the evening), and close in the morning, a span of 12 to 20 hours. The fruit is a purple to black berry 1 cm (0.39 in) in diameter.

Soil Need

Loamy soil Clay sand mixPotting Soil Mix with Compost

Fertilizer (type)

Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium fertilizer, Organic fertilizer

Growth Pattern



Every Month


Every 3-4 Month

Process :


1. Find a suitable spot for your jasmine plant.
2. Prepare the soil for planting. Most jasmine cultivars do best in rich, well-draining soil.
3. Keep the environment moist. Water the soil around the jasmine throughout the growing season to keep it moist, but not soggy.
4. Fertilize the jasmine once a month. During the growing season, fertilizing the jasmine once a month will keep it blooming.
5. Prune the jasmine. Throughout the growing season, remove dead leaves, flowers and stems by pinching them off or using hand pruners to make a cut flush with the main stem of the plant.

1. Leaves Extracts Against Breast Tumours
2. Flower Buds are Useful in Treating Ulcers, Boils, Skin Diseases and Eye Disorders
3. Leaves are Antiseptic and are Useful for Wounds or Acne
4. Drinking Jasmine Tea Regularly Helps in Curing Cancer


1. Water jasmine from the bottom to keep from getting the leaves wet.
2. Jasmine grown indoors year-round does not require mulching.


1. Don't prune before or during the blooming period, as this can inhibit blooming.

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