Plants in Money Magnet Category

About Money Magnet

A very unique and not so common plants category that is known for its money attracting power and growth properties. These plants are a must keep at your business premise, in your office or home. It can be placed on your office table as well. Many researchers have written about its prosperity and luck bringing power and from their years of research, they have admitted for Money Magnet being a money attracter plant. It’s beautiful looks are an added advantage and can be used for decorative purposes as well. It’s positive vibes will surely boost your morale and productivity at work. Keeping a Money Magnet plant at home ensures the family’s economic progress and growth. This is like an investment that will reap you fruitful results in the longer run. Explore further for checking out varieties and prices.



Money Magnet Plants come in various sizes and shapes enabling you to keep it anywhere you want. Home or office it is a must keep plant that brings luck and prosperity in its surroundings. It’s luck enhancement properties make it unique and worth buying.


All Season

Attracts Positive Energy

Business Boosters

Bring Good Luck

Natural Energizer

Unique Appearance