Damascus Scented Rose


Maintenance Level
Spring Summer
Plant Height
36" to 96"

 Water Frequency


Alternate Day


Alternate Day

  Fertilizer Frequency


5-6 Month


2-3 Month
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Damascus roses (Rosa damascena) are among the oldest members of the rose family, dating back thousands of years. They are known for their white or pink double flowers and their strong, distinctive fragrance, which is why the flowers are often used in making perfumes.The leaves are pinnate, with five (rarely seven) leaflets. The roses are a light to moderate pink to light red. The relatively small flowers grow in groups. The bush has an informal shape. It is considered an important type of Old Rose, and also important for its prominent place in the pedigree of many other types. The flowers are harvested for their fine fragrance, and are commercially harvested for rose oil used in perfumery and to make rose-water and ?rose concrete?. The flower petals are also sometimes used directly to flavor food or to make tea and are considered safe for human consumption.

Soil Need

Normal Soil, Loamy soil, clay sand mix

Fertilizer (type)

Organic fertilizer, Compost

Growth Pattern



Every Month


Every 3-4 Month

Process :

1. Choose the right rose. 2. Pick the right pot. Use quality potting mix and enrich with compost to increase water holding capacity. 3. Water regularly so that soil is moist, but not wet. Feed often for more blooms. 4. Prune as normal to deadhead, shape, and control insects and disease. 5. Rose plants grow best when not set among other plants.

  1. Ornamental 
  2. Gulab Jal 
  3. Gulkand 
  4. Minor Medicinal benefits 
  5. Perfumery


  • Pluck flowers early morning. 
  • When plants are established properly after two years, frequency of irrigation may be reduced. 
  • Cultivation of rose plantation should be taken up in full sunlight, away from trees or hedges so that it gets sunshine at least during the whole forenoon.


  • Do not let the roots sit in water for long otherwise they ll get rotten. 
  • Do no grow roses in shades.

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