Bamboo Palm


Maintenance Level
Outdoor-Shades or Indoor
All Weather
Plant Height
8" to 60"

 Water Frequency




Twice Week

  Fertilizer Frequency


3-4 Month


1-2 Month
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Native to Mexico and Central America, this compact palm only grows about 5-7 feet tall. It prefers humidity, bright, indirect light,It does best in temps of 65 to 80 degrees. it removes formaldahyde and is also said to act as a natural humidifier.

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Soil Need

Clay Sand Mix,Peatmose + Vermiculite + Perlite,Cocopeat+Compost+Perlite,Loamy Soil

Fertilizer (type)

Granular Fertiliser,Liquid Fertiliser

Growth Pattern



1-2 Month


Every 3-4 Month

Process :


1. Choose a sunny, well-drained area.
2. Mulch the area around the tree with three inches (7.6cm) of organic mulch.
3. Water the tree daily for the first week. Water every other day for the next week.
4. Fertilize with the palm blend twice per growing season.

1. Act as a Natural Humidifier


1. You must wash the fronds (leaves) of your bamboo palm to remove fertilizer salts and insects that have built up.
2. This should be done every three to four days using a clean cloth and lukewarm water.
3. It is best if you wash your plant in the morning.
4. It can be grown in a water container.


1. Don't fertilize your palm in the winter as it could cause damage to the plant.

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