Office Plants Combo


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1. Zed Zed 

2. Diffenbachia

3. Money Tree- Small

4. Snake Plant


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It’s a good idea to keep natural plants in the office, as it makes the environment fresh and lively with some positive vibes in the surroundings. We have chosen a set of 4 office table top plants in this combo, specially handpicked to suit the office conditions of being low on sunlight and fresh air. These plants will survive indoor conditions and would demand very low care and maintenance. Also not to miss the fact that these plants are high oxygen generating plants and keep the indoor air quality clean by purifying the toxic air content prevailing in the atmosphere. These plants are NASA recommended and approved by researchers and experts for their unique air purifying quality. One of the ingredient of this combo pack is money tree which is considered to be lucky and progressive plant for all types of businesses. It has the capability of maximizing wealth and boost business in all conditions.

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