Birthday Combo


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1. Croton Gold Dust

2. Aglaonema Red

3. Dracaena-Song Of India

4. Silver Dust

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    Outdoor-Shades or Indoor
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It’s a normal trend to present a bouquet of flowers to your pals and relatives on special occasions like birthdays. Most of us follow the same, but how about breaking this old trend and replacing bouquet of flowers with beautiful looking natural plants which not only will last for long, in fact very long but also will purify the air and add to the decor of a home or an office.


That's why we are offering now this combo pack of best plants to gift on birthday. These gift plants for birthday are specially handpicked for one and all keeping in consideration the maintenance and care issues. You would find them easy to handle and beautiful to keep. Buy this gift plants combo for birthday and wish the world’s freshest birthday to the one you love and it will be a memory not to be forgotten soon easily.

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