Corporate Gifting

Gifting and presenting is an old tradition, but gifting responsibly and sensibly has been an identity of few and wise. People love to gift and love it more when they receive a gift. Hence it is important for us to gift something that is meaningful, long lasting and worthy. Green Decor brings you a vast array of “Gift a Life” options, where you may gift your employees, colleagues, partners, distributors and any other stake holder a token of appreciation in the form of a natural plant which exuberate positivity, determination and consist of stress busting properties. Plants make a meaningful gesture and suits any stature and lifestyle. Many organizations around the globe use natural plants as the best product for gifting and pleasing.

Plants are considered a good omen and a precious act of nature in favor of the mankind, which is highly recommended to keep in surroundings for green and clean living. Plants not only cleanse the environment but also brings positive vibes around with various other benefits.

The best part is plants suits any occasion or event and has vast variety to choose from. From INR 200 to INR 50000 and even more plants fits all budgets. You as a business, corporate, educational institution or any other commercial/non-commercial establishment can use plants for gifting on occasions like

  • Festival Gifting like Diwali – You may include Plants in your gifting array and that would be like cherry on the top.
  • Corporate event – You may present a soothing table plant as a token of appreciation to the guest of honor and trust us the plant would be unique and presentable.
  • Monthly Events – Monthly Employee appreciation, Promotion and Welcome Gift.
  • Office Atrium, Façade, Reception and Conference Room and Table Top Plants.

We at Green Decor are equipped to Deliver plants at your doorstep whenever you require them. Gift a life concept is widely accepted and thought provoking endeavor which needs your attention and practice.

According to many formidable researchers and bodies of repute it has been proven that plants not only purify the air and protect environment but also creates a positive environment around the vicinity and let the inflow of energy soothe one and all.

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