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About Indoor

As the name proposes, these plants are meant for indoor purposes which means to be kept under shades avoiding direct sunlight. Best indoor plants for home or office could be

- Air Purifiers
- Peace & Happiness Plants
- Lucky Plants
- Prosperity Plants
- High Oxygen Plants
- Decorative Plants

Based on a study by NASA, it has been observed that indoor air quality is more poorer as compared to outdoors and therefore it becomes all the more important to keep plants at home or office for better air quality and filter toxic content in the air. There are plants which produce high oxygen at night making it comfortable for you to sleep well in a low oxygen, closed room where the air conditioner is on all day and night making the air quality toxic and harmful for human body. Decorate your house with natural beauty and get a lively environment around you.


Indoors would look stunning with plants that are well suited under shade and can give your home fresh air. Choose from a vast variety of plants that have different benefits and advantages. Indoor plants improve air quality, filter air and remove toxic contents to a great extent. Explore further to choose your best buy.

Low Maintenance

Long Life

Natural Airpurifer

High Oxygen


Don't Require Much Space