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About Hanging

Hanging plants are a good idea to decorate your house with. They don’t occupy space on ground, instead blossom overhead. Almost all plants can be converted into hanging plants provided their growth is not mammoth and ever growing. Hanging baskets prove to be smart décor for open balconies and porches, enabling the surroundings to be lively and fresh. Get flowery plants planted in a hanging basket and you ll have the best décor at your home. You may also have aromatic plants placed in hanging baskets spreading its soothing fragrance all around. Explore further to know more about Hanging Plants.


Decorate your balcony or porch with hanging plants and get a neat and blossoming look like never before. Some good hanging plants can be Boston Fern, Money Plant, Lavender, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Succulents, Cactuses and many more.

Low Maintenance

Lively Decor

Easy to Grow

Low cost

Wall Cover

Beautiful Looks